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Merrow Contract Cutting

Fully Automated Contract Spreading, Cutting & Bundling Services

Fast, accurate and exacting – our contract cutting group is capable of managing the most complicated cutting requirements. A 30,000 square foot automated spreading and cutting floor is outfitted with Lectra equipment & secure material storage

With technology that allows us to cut with tolerances of up to .01mm, Merrow’s automated cutting floor featuring Lectra’s state-of-the-art equipment is capable of cutting wovens, non-wovens and knits

With 700′ of Automated Spreading tables, managed by 6 Lectra Spreading Machines, Merrow is capable of running more than 10,000 yards simultaneously through the cutting floor

Integrated Spreading and Cutting coupled with Lectra’s innovative cutting system allows the cutting floor to move goods continuously onto the cutting machines.

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Merrow Contract Cutting & Spreading

  • 30k Square Foot Cutting Floor
  • 3 Fully Automated Lectra Cutting Machines
    • Cutting up to 3-¼” compressed or 100 ply knits
    • LASER precision
  • 5 Spreading Machines & Tables, 110’ each
  • Bundling, Labeling & Heat seal services
  • Dock & Warehouse support
  • Secure & Insured storage of any quantity of fabric available
  • Generally turnaround quoted & sampled work in less than a week
    • Quick turn around is between 200-100,000 pieces
  • Minimize fabric waste
    • Merrow Manufacturing LLC cuts fabric in a way that minimizes waste and maximizes efficiency, saving fabric, time, and money