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High Pile cutting for Industrial materials

Efficient Cutting for Thick, High-Pile Materials

With seven centimeters of clearance, 72-inch wide tables, and 600 feet of spreading, Merrow’s automated high-pile cutting service can efficiently cut large amounts of material. The powerful three-to-five millimeter blades are ideal for automotive, aerospace, marine, furniture, and other industries.

Merrow cuts with precision and speed, delivering quality finished products. Known for significant versatility, Merrow Manufacturing cuts soft wovens, knits, neoprene, denim, hard insulation, foam, carbon fiber, plastic, fiberglass, plexiglass, leather, and more. Merrow’s high-pile cutting service guarantees clean cuts while reducing waste of expensive material.

industrial cutting

Hard Materials

The high-pile cutting machine’s powerful blades cut thick materials like carpeting and leather, and nonwovens like plastic and fiberglass.

Soft Materials

Merrow’s high-pile cutting machines can cut most soft fabrics with speed and precision. The seven-centimeter clearance cuts insulating foam, denim, and dense piles of soft fabrics like jersey and cotton.

Specialized Material

Merrow cuts high-pile material like plexiglass, carbon fiber, and hard insulation cleanly without debris jamming the machine.

cutting board
Industrial cutting



The high-pile machine automatically advances material for faster, continuous cutting. To protect soft materials like foam from being misshapen, the operator carefully controls a variable vacuum to hold stock gently in place.


  • 3 – 5 mm needle width

  • 2.7 inch clearance

  • 72 inch table width

  • 200 ft cutting table

  • 600 ft of spreading table

  • 30,000 sq. ft. cutting facility

  • Interactive Color Screen

  • Variable Vacuum Control

  • 5,720 lbs

  • 50 l/min compressed air

Automotive, aerospace, and marine industries

Merrow can cut expensive materials like cored fiberglass, cotton-backed vinyl, plastic polymer, PVC foam, and carbon fiber for industrial applications. The high-pile machines slice through dense material without overloading for fast production and minimized waste.

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