They do that on the fourth floor of the Pepperell Mill, 502 Bedford St. The company has a staff of 120 workers. Across the street is Portugalia, a market selling Portuguese specialties and a variety of other groceries, as well as beer and wine.

“We set up a pop-up store in the factory today from Portugalia,” Merrow said Friday, just before climbing on a table to address a lunchroom full of workers.

“This is something we’re doing for you guys, and I hope it’s helpful,” Merrow told his workers.

Merrow said the pop-up market included jam, canned fish, olive oil and jars of peppers.

“We subsidized it,” he said. “A can of olive oil is $7, but today, they can buy it here fore $2. There’s a limit of one each.”

“It was my idea originally, but I’ll give a lot of credit to Michael Benevides,” Merrow said.

Benevides, vice president of Portugalia, said he was very receptive to the idea

“He’s a forward thinking guy,” Benevides said of Merrow. “We decided to do it.”

It was a small pop-up market, a table set against the back wall of the lunchroom, and a cashier, but it sold out, and quickly.

“We’re going to see if we can do something like it every month,” Merrow said.

Merrow said his company is hiring, and he recognizes the value of events like this in rewarding hard work and loyalty.

“I think things like this help with employee retention,” Merrow said.

The company also rewards newly-hired workers with a Portugalia gift card after they stay with the company for 90 days.

Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia showed up for the event, too.

“This is awesome,” Correia said. “Two bright minds, totally different businesses, but across the street from each other, business neighbors helping each other.”

The proof, as always, is in the pudding, or in this case, the jar of peppers.

Merrow worker Maria Correia, carrying her full allotment of sale items, plus some things a friend bought, put it shortest and best.

“I saved money,” she said.