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USA Sewing – Technical Soft Goods Production

Merrow Manufacturing Technical Sewing Facility

The Factory runs approximately 500 sewing machines capable of producing a wide variety of technical soft goods.

Merrow MFG specializes in Flatlock, Activeseam, 2 & three needle coverstitching, hemming, single needle, traditional overlock (merrow), Micropurl™. The floor is separated into application specific cells to improve efficiency & quality. Sewing Capabilities also include: 5 Thread Safety Stitch, Bartack, Blindstitch, Button Hole, Double Needle Chainstitch, Double Needle Lockstitch, Mock Safety, Mutli-Needle Chainstitch, Programmable Bartack, Single Needle Chainstitch, Single Needle Lockstitch, Single Needle Walking Foot, Zig Zag

Deployed on the floor is equipment from Merrow, Brother, Kansai, Yamato & Mitsubishi.

Non-Apparel Technical Sewing

More than 50% of the factory is typically engaged in non-apparel technical production. Because of our capacity for large format material handling & QA processes we are capable of manufacturing sports equipment, industrial bags, specialty product requiring tight tolerances & more.


From Lingerie to Arctic Parkas to Cycling Bibs, Merrow MFG builds the best quality apparel in the USA. We are a Berry Compliant production facility, capable of yielding high volume goods, and delivered packaged, ready for sale. FR products, technical linings, ballistic materials, are all possible at the facility. We have a strong supply chain for performance fabrics, trims & threads.

Build the Best Product

A sewing floor operates well with a strong supporting team. Our project managers, floor engineers, mechanics and extremely talented ‘floor boy’, keep the sewing operation moving efficiently.

Operators at Merrow Manufacturing perform in a piece work system, with minutes per operation tracked by floor engineers. Quality inspection stations are setup incrementally throughout production to detect issues early on. Trimming and inspection departments are responsible for detailed unit review before packaging.

We offer full package services, and are capable of delivering individually packaged, tagged, labeled and bar-coded product if required.

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Facility Design

Our Facility is designed to support the development and production of technical soft goods efficiently. With mechanical design and support on the 6th floor, cutting on the 5th, offices on the 4th, Sewing and Training on 3 & 2, and full service Embroidery on the first floor – Merrow Manufacturing is a textile production stack that takes advantage of scale & vertical operations.

Production and development capabilities are myriad. Some examples of recent production (unrestricted by standing NDAs) include:

Insulated Sport Parkas



Aeroplane & Automotive Seat covers

Medical Braces

Ultra-Light Running Apparel

Combat Fatigues

Merino Wool & Cashmere Sweaters

Sport Pads & Guards

Technical Hoodies

Helmet Linings

Hunting Trousers

Fishing Vests

Travel & Computer Bags

Cycling Bibs

Rugby Jerseys

Compression Sleeves & Body Shaping products


Industrial Covers

Fire Resistant Workwear

Emblems & Patches