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Workforce Training Program


At the largest sewing training facility in the country, Merrow teaches the skills to develop a wide range of soft goods. Merrow’s free workforce training program creates skilled stitchers and offers them full-time sewing jobs in in Fall River, Massachusetts. During the month-long training, attendees learn basic and advanced techniques on seven different machine types, including flatlock, merrow, and coverstitch.

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Merrow’s training program works in partnership with MassHire to create these full-time sewing employment opportunities, and in each of the last three years the program has doubled in size, creating hundreds of qualified stitchers like Vilmarie, a graduate of the Summer 2019 session. “I highly recommend the training program,” she says. “When I came in, I knew almost nothing about sewing, but the teacher was patient and helpful. I learned a lot, and I’m learning more every day on the sewing floor.”

Training Includes:

  • Basic and advanced sewing techniques

  • Hands-on experience sewing various fabrics

  • Training on seven different types of sewing machine

sewing training program

Merrow is expanding the success of this program by introducing a first-of-its-kind partnership with the Bristol County Sheriff’s Office. Inmates will train hands-on at the Merrow building, developing sewing experience on state-of-the-art equipment. After release, Merrow will provide employment opportunities that use their refined skills.


Charlie Merrow, CEO of Merrow Manufacturing LLC, is proud of the community aspect of Merrow’s training program, saying, “Merrow believes in investing in people. We provide free training so that people have the opportunity to develop skills and earn a living. Our hope is that Merrow’s small investment will be a signal to city, state, and federal organizations to invest in skills-based training, as this investment is critical for the health of our local manufacturing industry.” 

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